About us

Our Background

Emulco was created in Belgium back in 2005 to perform lab activities for third parties as well as to explore additional research and development possibilities for worldwide customers. Over the past decade it has steadily grown to become a well-respected R&D center with profound knowledge in emulsification techniques and formulation of high end emulsions. Today Emulco’s strong focus is on innovative and high value products that will ensure consistent double digit growth for the years to come. To complement the R&D activities, Emulco invested in 2014 in a state-of-the-art pilot plant and a complete new factory with capacity for industrial volumes. With this Emulco is ready to face the future.



Emulco continuously invests in research and development for present and future products as well as in process improvements for new production methods. In close cooperation with its extensive list of partners, Emulco strives to be at the forefront of innovation in emulsion applications and is successful in doing so, proof of which our recent breakthrough on PIB emulsion.




Solution driven

Emulco gathers information associated to the application of several type of emulsions, identifies deficiencies and opportunities to continuously improve the performance of the applications that contains our emulsions. It has a state of the art pilot plant in Europe, in which extensive testing is done under industry standard like conditions to ensure our developments satisfy customer needs. Emulco provides its customers with a full service offering: research and development, upscaling and industrial production. Our mission is to exceed customer expectation by providing solutions that add value to their business.